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offered through Manulife Wealth Inc.

Exceptional Advice

Great results happen when clear goals meet a well-designed plan with clever strategies that are mindful of risk and are reviewed regularly to uncover any opportunities for further financial gain. 

To us, your success is not only measured by the bottom line number at each portfolio review, it’s the positive results we create every step of the way to get there.

 From brilliant strategies, to sharp advice, efficient service and reduced fees, we never stop looking for ways to maximize your returns, grow your income, protect your wealth or add value to our relationship with you. 

Our goal is to achieve your complete satisfaction and we’ll work relentlessly to make sure that’s a result we deliver every time.

Financial Planning

We design plans that create the most tax efficiency.

By focusing on tax efficiencies, we can take advantage of each investment class' tax treatment and relieve the pressure related to the amount of capital and return required to achieve your particular goal.

We believe all plans should begin with a foundation based on insuring that one is first looked after in the event of death, disability and retirement using a safe and conservative approach. This can allow one to become even wealthier knowing that the foundation is solid and safe. 

Retirement Planning

Whether you’re five years away from retirement or 20 years away from retirement, we’ll help guide you through the steps necessary to secure enough assets for your optimal retirement lifestyle. After evaluating your current financial situation, we’ll identify the income sources and opportunities that are most advantageous for you as you prepare for your life past employment. 

Our retirement planning services involve:

Your investment strategy and ensuring you’re investing your wealth in the stocks that best align with your objectives.

Your spending habits so you continuously make decisions that benefit your broader financial picture. 

Potential income streams and ways you can continue to contribute to your nest egg while still securing the basic necessities.