Group Home and Auto

The Integratis Group has partnered with Nicol Insurance to provide all clients with discount Home and Auto Insurance.

Not only is there up to 15% cost savings for being our client but there are also multi-car and home owner discounts.

Contact Pam Davis at Nicol Insurance.

Pam Davis

Best Doctors

Best Doctors© connects you and your treating physician with world renowned specialists to confirm the right diagnosis and the right treatment options, without you having to leave home or incur any additional costs.

At Best Doctors we believe helping Canadians get the best care and medical information, right from the start, results in reduced complications, faster recoveries and better outcomes.

Using our global network of 50,000 world renowned peer-nominated specialists, Best Doctors provides access to the best medical knowledge to millions of people around the world when they are faced with a serious medical condition.

Best Doctors was founded in 1989 by two professors from the Harvard Medical School and has been in operation for over 10 years in Canada, and currently provides the Best Doctors benefit to over 4 million Canadians.

More than simply a 2nd opinion

Best Doctors delivers certainty to our members facing uncertainty about their medical condition. Rather than providing just a “second opinion”, Best Doctors provides a complete and methodical understanding of a member’s medical condition, giving actionable information to the member and their treating physician.

Measurable results

The results speak for themselves. Over the past 20 years, Best Doctors has:

  • changed a diagnosis 22% of the time,
  • modified 61 % of treatment plans, and
  • reduced invasive procedures 67% of the time.

The benefits

Employees engaged in the Best Doctors program often return to work and to the enjoyment of daily living sooner. Organizations engaged in the Best Doctors benefit realize:

  • increased productivity
  • reduced absenteeism
  • lower staff costs
  • significant improvements in presenteeism, and
  • reductions in LTD reserves.

The Best Doctors InterConsultation

In the past 20 years, Best Doctors has completed over 25,000 case reviews through our InterConsultation™ Program – an in-depth review of a member’s medical files by Best Doctors world renowned specialists to provide medical opinions and treatment plan options, without the member having to leave home.

Best Doctors retests pathology

In addition to collecting and reviewing all of the member’s medical files and diagnostic tests, Best Doctors retests pathology at a Centre of Excellence by expert pathologists, renowned for reviewing some of the most complex cases in the world. The collection of medical records and the retesting of pathology are completed by Best Doctors on behalf of the member and at no additional cost to the member.

Best Doctors 360º healthcare navigational tool

Best Doctors 360º™ navigational tool helps members take control of their own healthcare. By providing access to resources, ongoing one-on-one support and customized health related information, Best Doctors 360º helps members navigate the healthcare system. Available to all Best Doctors members, Best Doctors 360º provides a wide range of health related matters – not only for serious illness or conditions.

Discover why more than 4,000,000 Canadians are members of Best Doctors by calling 1-877-419-BEST (2378) or visit us at

BEST DOCTORS and other trademarks shown are trademarks of Best Doctors, Inc. Used under license.


Commerical Insurance

The Integratis Group has partnered with Nicol Insurance to provide all clients with extremely competitive Commercial Insurance rates.

Contact Pam Davis at Nicol Insurance.

Pam Davis

About Hazell & Associates

Distinction and Dedication.
We are Hazell & Associates /Career Partners, a boutique talent management /career transition firm with an unshakable commitment to quality. Since 1979, we have been living and coaching our values: enrichment, relationships, character, inspiration and above all, quality. Your organization can rely on the profound knowledge, extensive industry experience and business perspective provided by our coaches to improve your organization's performance.

Inspired and highly-qualified experts.
Our coaches act as relationship managers and become an extension of your human resource function. Acknowledged experts in their disciplines and armed with the insights gained over decades of professional experience, they represent diverse backgrounds and academic accomplishments. Our coaches possess a high level of expertise in the techniques of assessment, facilitation and coaching to inspire, transform and connect people for great results.

Your trusted partner.
Like-minded people tend to congregate. In 1987, we were one of seven, North American, premier boutique talent management firms to establish Career Partners International, forming an unparalleled team of leading human resources consulting firms. Our company has grown to include 62 partner firms with 182 offices in 45 countries. We aid the world's leading organizations to attract, retain, develop and transition their talent.

One size does not fit all.
Your challenges and needs don't fit the mold, so why settle for cookie-cutter solutions? We will help your organization attract, develop and transition your most important asset —your employees— through our well-tailored programs. Privately owned, our unique business model frees us of stock market expectations and allows us to customize flexible solutions for our clients. We take the time to understand and appreciate the difficult business issues you face, and our capable coaches help you resolve them in ways that enhance your reputation as an employer and protect the integrity of your brand.

Our Services

More and more companies today are taking a holistic approach to talent management – from acquiring the right talent, to developing leaders, to helping employees transition from the company. For 30 years, Hazell & Associates has been helping companies, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 50 giants, plan and implement talent management programs that deliver results. We view talent management as a strategic approach to managing human capital throughout the career cycle: acquiring, developing, and transitioning your most important asset.

One size does not fit all.
We are experts helping people identify and land in their ideal career situation, which might mean finding a new job, owning a business or designing a fulfilling retirement. Our transitioning talent solutions focus on: individual and group outplacement, inplacement, partner relocation, retirement, owning a business and executive transition. Our approach is different: we believe in the personal touch and value of one-on-one coaching. We provide your employees with a dedicated career coach, who conducts a careful needs assessment and tailors a program to meet their unique needs. Our customizable approach also provides flexibility to you, the sponsor.

Inspiring, transforming and connecting.
Developing your employees to their highest potential, thereby achieving the maximum return for your organization, is the defining role of our investing in people programs. Our programs focus on: team building and development; and employee engagement and development. We will help your organization engage and develop your valuable talent into high-performing employees and teams. Through objective assessments we ensure your development dollars are spent wisely, so every employee's role connects and supports your organization's vision and culture. Our programs will help each employee identify exactly how to add value to their career and your organization.

In the third millennium the constraint is no longer capital but leadership.
Leaders motivated to excel will benefit from our executive coaching. Our experienced executive coaches create an environment that enables your executives to accomplish goals and define objectives faster and more effectively. Our programs focus on corporate and self-sponsored executive coaching. The process is highly individualized and flexible in design and delivery. Our executive coaches fast track the discovery process, enabling peak performance and broadening success; generating a ripple that will benefit your entire organization.