Tax Preferred Fixed Income Plans

Our financial planning approach is to be the creators of the 'secure' portion of your investment portfolio.

We can design tax sheltered fixed income plans with a mean gross rate of return over 6% with less than a 2% deviation in over 60 years *.

Our clients work with us because of our role as the creators of the certain and secure component of their financial affairs which allows, when designed properly, our clients the ability to get even richer with complete confidence.

We believe that the foundation of every financial plan or portfolio begins with a Tax Sheltered Fixed Income Plan. We are the most experienced firm in Canada in the design, application and financial integration of these plans. The following are the benefits and features of our Tax Sheltered Fixed Income Plan:

  • gross mean rate of return of over 6% *
  • less than 2% deviation over 60 years *
  • creates an immediate and permanent estate
  • guaranteed to never lose your money
  • allow access to other assets tax free

  • * Source: Great West Life Financial Facts