Business Owners

The Integratis Group has a team of senior advisors, tax accountants and lawyers to look after the insurance and financial affairs of the small business owner.

Our approach:

  1. take advantage of the unique planning opportunities that only a business owner can, through the use of investment class, trusts, and holding companies
  2. Specialist in:
    • succession planning
    • estate planning (creation, preservation, maximization, equalization)
  3. be one of your primary business development partners
  4. protect the owner / shareholders
  5. protect the business
  6. working with us will help provide Long Term Financial Independence

The following is a list of the strategies we work with:

  • Corporate asset transfer
  • Asset swap
  • Pension maximization
  • The 'double dip'
  • Insured asset transfer
  • Shared interest
  • Immediate finance arrangements
  • Retirement compensation arrangements
  • Insured share redemption
  • Corporate and personal charitable giving
  • Key person
  • Business value protection
  • Salary continuation programs
  • Critical illness
  • Corporate insured annuity
  • Save it, spend it, leave it
  • RRIF maximizor
  • Pipeline
  • Cascading
  • Back to Back